AMET has designed and manufactured turn-key welding solutions for Nuclear Applications since 1989. With an emphasis on precision tooling and controls, we produce some of the most adept systems for the Nuclear industry.

AMET provides welding systems for critical applications in the nuclear industry. We deliver systems for nuclear containment vessels, component repair, and for power generation applications. We also provide systems for defense applications (for more information please see Defense Industry page). Some of these systems are located in "hot" areas, so they are "hardened" for exposure. They also include remote operation functionalities, which give the operator control over the system from a safe environment.

The Need

Reliable operation and integrity of nuclear pressure equipment are of great importance for the safety of nuclear facilities.

Precision motion for welding operations is essential to ensure consistent and reliable operation. Non-precision motion can cause inconsistent welds, which may lead to premature component failure, resulting in facility damages, expensive component replacement/rework, and losses in productivity.

Quality assurance measures should be built into an automated welding system to verify welds are performed within the system's programmed welding parameters. If no in-process quality assurance measures are used, then small, but potentially ruinous, variations may pass undetected during welding operations, resulting in a faulty or less than ideal part.

Safety is a main concern in the nuclear industry. Great measures are taken to establish and maintain high standards to protect employees and operators.


The AMET XM Control package offers a tried-and-true solution for welding in the nuclear industry. Its easy-to-use interface and precise controls provide a complete solution for even the most high tolerance applications.

AMET's controls include encoder-based servo motor driven axes for precise and repeatable motion. This level of precision ensures that parts will be welded consistently and reliably.

Our XM Controller is configurable with Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking software. The software collects data for each axis of motion as well as each welding parameter. If any of the parameters is out of the tolerance range, then the program is automatically terminated. The collected data is stored in the XM pendant, but it can be exported as a .csv file and viewed in a graph format in Excel or other programs.

AMET's systems are operable completely by remote. Our excellent arc viewing cameras and monitors can be integrated for high resolution views of the lead and trail of each weld. With our vision systems and the XM Control pendant, the operator is able to completely control and monitor the system away from the "hot" areas in a safe environment.


We have a proven track record in the Nuclear Industry. With over 25 years of experience, AMET is positioned to provide very high quality equipment to meet even the most demanding and stringent needs. We have provided several systems to National Laboratories around the US, and companies around the world for welding nuclear components.

When the XM is equipped with Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking Software, a level of quality assurance is built-in to ensure each part is welded as programmed.

AMET builds a complete system with the safety of the operators in mind. The XM Controller is designed for operation either at the weld zone or in a safe environment remotely. The operator has complete control in either location, which is essential for the nuclear industry.