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AMET has a long history of producing ship welding automation systems to meet the demanding challenges of the Defense Industry. This industry has a wide range of applications, which often require high-precision motion to ensure the integrity of each part is maintained. Our systems include solutions for naval shipyards, national laboratories, and defense contractors.

Defense ship welding automation solutions range from standard setups such as manipulators and lathe welders to completely custom solutions. We specialize in customizing our controls and weld fixtures to meet the stringent requirements that are common in the defense industry.


The Defense Industry is widely diverse with stringent quality control measures in place to help ensure each part is welded correctly. Precision process control, welding fixture robustness, flexibility, as well as the ability to accurately to control velocity and positioning of critical components which is often essential for Defense ship welding automation applications.


AMET builds several welding solutions for the Defense Industry. Each of our systems is equipped with servo motors with encoder feedback to provide precision velocity and positioning control.

We offer a full-line of welding fixtures including manipulators, seam welders, lathes, positioners, and custom fixtures. Each of our fixtures is built with an emphasis on rigidity and precision. Machined bearing rails and thick wall tubing is used in the construction of these fixtures to increase precision and rigidity.

We also offer Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking software for built-in quality control. The software and each module monitor the process to ensure it is performed as programmed. The system will identify any out of tolerance condition as well as provide different modes to handle out of tolerance conditions.


Our systems are proven. We have over 32 years of experience and large installed base that are currently producing high-quality parts for Defense applications.

The combination of our controls, precision motion components, built-in quality control capability, and rigid welding fixtures provides a complete welding solution that will produce consistent and uniform parts for years to come. We produce all of our controls and software in-house, which allows us to provide years of service after the sale. Our ability to diagnose, repair, and service each system prevents obsolescence and provides an optimal return on investment.

One of our greatest strengths is our knowledgeable customer service department that has established a reputation to support each system expertly and courteously.


Please call, write, or email our headquarters in Rexburg, Idaho for more information on how we can better serve you.

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