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We provide transportation tanker truck welding automation solutions for the transportation industry. This industry requires high quality welds and consistent performance to maintain the integrity of each part produced. We build completely integrated seam welding systems for the manufacturing of products used for hauling chemicals, acid, waste, and food products. Our solutions are capable of being integrated with other components at the customer’s facility such as feed tables.

Our welding systems are customizable to meet the needs for virtually any project. We build GMAW, PAW, GTAW, SAW, and multi-process (MIG, TIG, Plasma, and GTAW + PAW) systems for this industry, including retrofits on existing seam welding systems.


High quality welds and uniformity are essential for manufacturing transportation industry products. In order to achieve high quality welds with transportation tanker truck welding automation systems, there must be consistent and repeatable motion. This requires control over the velocity and positioning of each welding axis.

Products in this industry are often very large. Robust fixtures are necessary to firmly hold the parts during welding and also maintain accuracy when performing repetitious tasks such as seam welding.

Manufacturers in this industry often create more than one product line. This usually requires more than one weld process to be present on a system. This can be especially challenging to implement multiple weld processes when the welds are performed on the ID of a part due to size constraints. This also makes monitoring the welds difficult.


One of the greatest advantages to AMET systems is that we combine precision process control with accurate encoder-based servo motion control into a single controller. AMET’s single controller approach is ideally suited for performing precise welds on a wide range of parts or for repetitious tasks where consistency and uniformity are crucial. Our controls also integrate directly with other sensors and safety equipment that may be necessary for these automation applications.

We also offer a complete line of seam welders, manipulator systems, and lathes. Each fixture we produce is designed for precision performance and longevity. This ensures the system produces uniform parts for years to come, which provides a good return on investment.

Our unique controls allow us to integrate and control several weld processes and power supplies into one central control package. We design single or multi process systems to meet your needs. To monitor these systems when welding large parts or the ID, our systems are configurable with the AMET arc viewing camera systems (See the Arc Viewing Camera Systems Page for details).


We have been providing and supporting automated systems for the transportation industry for more than fifteen (15) years, and we have more than 30 years of automation experience.

AMET’s proven precision controls, robust welding fixtures, excellent customer service, and experience allow us to provide unmatched tanker truck welding automation for the transportation industry. Our ability to control and integrate multiple processes without the need for additional complex controls sets us apart from others in the automated industry.

With our ability to customize and adapt to the needs of our customers, we can provide the ideal system for virtually any application. Contact us so we can help you find your solution.


Please call, write, or email our headquarters in Rexburg, Idaho for more information on how we can better serve you.

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