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Custom Automated
Welding Solutions

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Pre-Engineered Welding Solutions

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Advanced Control Systems

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Where your automation solution begins

You have challenging automation needs, we have elegant solutions

For more than three decades as a welding manufacturer, AMET® has provided an advanced automated welding machine for virtually every market. AMET is a leader in the welding automation industry by continuing to provide its own advanced control systems integrated with precision fixturing. AMET is a welding manufacturer that specializes in complete turnkey welding systems. Our talented engineers developed a specialized, completely automated welding machine to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. AMET has developed long-term relationships by engineering successful custom automated solutions for their most complex projects.


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3 Decades of Welding Automation Excellence

Great Partner

“AMET has been a great partner because they are appropriately positioned to act when we need a new solution engineered or need to service an existing solution. In the end the price of a solution is negligible if it works properly, and the vendor can keep it working through their service efforts. AMET knows these things and services their customers accordingly.”

– Matrix Drilling Products

15+ Years

“For over 15 years now I have had the privilege of working with AMET. I have personally seen how AMET Inc. industry knowledge and engineering expertise has enabled my business to increase weld quality and production and allow our clients to improve the strength and durability of their products.”

– G. Wright’s Welding Ltd.

Exceptional Team

AMET’s team is exceptional to work with.  They look at the provided solution as a whole – from operator interfaces to engineering requirements, they seek to understand the customer’s needs throughout the project.  This results in a welding system that is robust, embraced by the workforce, and meets the rigorous requirements of Blue Origin’s vehicles and engines. We’re excited to work with AMET on our vision of millions of people living and working in space. 

– Blue Origin


With over 30 years of experience as a welding manufacturer, AMET has established standard automated systems that have been commonly requested by our customers. This standard system is pre-engineered automated welding machine that combine the most requested features into a ready-to-weld, fully integrated turnkey system. 


Please call, write, or email our headquarters in Rexburg, Idaho for more information on how we can better serve you.

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Rexburg, ID 83440